Let’s Make a Deal Contestant Shuts Down Her Guy Friend on National Television and Oof, It’s Awkward

The Let’s Make a Deal contestant, whose name tag reads Steve, was publicly humiliated in front of thousands of viewers Friday when his female friend rejected him on national television.

In the CBS game show’s prom episode, Steve and Jessie, donned in their best ’70s prom attire, are called up by host Wayne Brady, who then asks Steve how long the pair have been dating. “Uh, about six months,” Steve responds.

Jessie then bursts out into laughter and denies that she and Steve are actually together. “We’re friends,” Jessie clarifies with a fit of giggles. “We’re just friends, but he wants it to be ….”

“Can we talk about this not in front of everyone?” Steve interrupts. Aaand … cue the awkward looks from the audience and Brady.

“I’m single, guys,” Jessie then repeats, looking into the camera and rubbing it in just one. more. time. Ouch!

Brady stands frozen for a few seconds before turning over to another contestant in an effort to flee the awkwardness.


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