His waitress told him he was too drunk for another drink. That’s when he got violent

"Banks was extremely intoxicated ... and knew Banks was wrong,"

A Wild Wing Cafe waitress made the call to stop serving drinks to a customer who was too intoxicated, and when the man was cut off, it was the start to a violent, drunken outburst, police say.

William Banks was outraged when he was denied another alcoholic beverage shortly after midnight June 22 at the popular chicken wing restaurant, according to the Spartanburg Police Department.

In less than an hour after being refused service, the South Carolina man threatened to shoot multiple members of the Wild Wing Cafe staff, assaulted his waitress, then told the officer arresting him he would get him fired, police reported.

The waitress said she cut Banks off from alcohol after observing how drunk he was, causing him to become “irate and (he) started cussing her out when she refused him anymore alcohol,” according to the police report.

Police said Banks then tried to order a drink from the manager, who also refused him service because of his intoxicated state. Banks responded by swearing at the manager and “threatened to shoot her,” police say.

Banks then returned his focus to his waitress, directing vulgarities at her and “threatening to shoot her, as well,” police reported.

As the waitress tried to walk away, Banks struck her in the head, according to the incident report, which said a bartender witnessed the assault.

At this point, the son of a staff member removed Banks from the restaurant by “physically carrying him outside,” police said.

The responding police officer found Banks walking down the street and detained the 49-year-old man, according to an incident report.

A person who was with Banks at the restaurant during the incident told police “Banks was extremely intoxicated … and knew Banks was wrong,” the report said.

After the waitress identified Banks, he was arrested. As Banks was being taken to the Spartanburg County Detention Center, he threatened the officer’s job, saying “he knew who worked at the Spartanburg Police Department,” according to the incident report.

Banks, of Spartanburg, was charged with third-degree assault and battery, and trespassing after notice, according to jail records, which showed he was released the same day without bond.

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