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MAY 1, 1936

FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover arrests gangster Alvin “Creepy” Karpis. Alvin didn’t have a brother that we know of, but if he did his nickname would be “Sleepy”.  If he had a sister her nickname would be…”Weepy.”  According to Wikipedia here’s Al’s story condensed by the morning crew:

Alvin Francis Karpis a Depression-era gangster nicknamed “Creepy” for his sinister smile and called “Ray” by his gang members, was a  leader of the Barker–Karpis gang in the 1930s. He was one of only four “public enemies” ever given the title of “Public Enemy #1

by the FBI and he was the only one to be taken alive. The other three, John DillingerPretty Boy Floyd, and Baby Face Nelson, were all killed before being captured. He also spent the longest time as a federal prisoner in Alcatraz Prison, serving twenty-six years.

Karpis was raised in Topeka, Kansas.  He started in crime at about age 10, selling pornography and running around with gamblers, bootleggers, and pimps. 

At least he didn’t become a politician or a radio announcer.

In 1926, he was sentenced to 10 years at the State Industrial Reformatory in Hutchinson, Kansas, for an attempted burglary. He escaped with another inmate, and went on a year-long crime spree before he was caught stealing a car and sent back to the reformatory.

He moved to Spain in 1973. On August 26, 1979, he died by what was originally ruled suicide by the authorities, as sleeping pills were found by his body, but later it was ruled death from natural causes.

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