9 Ways To Stop Passing Excessive Gas

Here’s Your Guide for Defense against the Dark Farts

Whatever you call it, it is essentially your body’s way of getting rid of excess gas. And it happens between five and 15 times a day. Here are ways to stop your farting and save your relationship.

  1.  Ban chewing gum: As you chew away, you are continually swallowing air.  That air builds up in your digestive system and makes you fart more.
  2. Eat slowly: The faster you eat the more air you swallow.  You can’t avoid swallowing air altogether, but slowing down the pace you eat at can reduce it.
  3. Ditch skinny jeans: Looser-fitting clothing is the best option if you are someone who bloats.
  4. Know your allergies: If you have a food intolerance or allergy, you might find yourself suffering from gas.
  5. No carbs: Unfortunately, as tasty as they are, carbohydrates are known to increase gas production in the body.
  6. Stub it out: The cigarettes themselves don’t cause you to fart, but the air you swallow when you smoke does.
  7. Stay hydrated: There are many reasons you should be drinking plenty of water, and farting less is one of those benefits.
  8. Exercise: Keeping active can also aid your digestive system.
  9. Ban beer: The air in the drink can get trapped in your digestive system and cause you to pop off more often than normal.  Any carbonated drink is a no go.


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