Senator Sasse Disapproves of Budget Deal Passed by Senate

Senator Sasse Disapproves of Budget Deal Passed by Senate
U.S. Senator Ben Sasse

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump signed a major and hotly debated budget deal into law early this morning.

The bill was in negotiations for months. The two-year budget deal will raise budget caps by $300 billion, increase the debt ceiling, and offers nearly $90 billion in disaster relief to hurricane-ravaged Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Approximately $165 billion would go to the Pentagon and $131 billion would go to non-defense programs.

The proposal was contested by both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. Many Democrats were displeased about the bill not addressing immigration and DACA while some Republicans were opposed to the large increases in spending. Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska was one of the senators that voted against the proposal, citing the heavy increases in spending.

“This bill is too expensive and too unwilling to prioritize. Yes, we need more spending on defense,” said Senator Sasse. “But no, we do not need more across-the-board spending on every single government program every single bureaucrat ever imagined.”

With the bill being signed into law it will keep the government running until late March. The appropriate increase to the debt ceiling will go into effect until March 2019.

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