NC Moves For Development At Mall, Old Hospital, Duff’s

NC Moves For Development At Mall, Old Hospital, Duff’s
Lonnie Dickson

NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska City Community Development Agency is considering changes to its blight and substandard map to make developments at the Factory Stores of America Mall, old St. Mary’s Hospital and former Duff’s Nursing Home eligible for tax increment financing.

Tim Keelan of Hanna:Keelan Associates said the city would trim property near the Missouri River and South Table Creek from its development map to make room for 364 acres near the mall site and 29 acres from the old hospital to Nuckolls Square.

tim keelan map

Keelan said 10 of 12 factors for blighted and substandard exist at the mall location, including inadequate street layout, deterioration of the site and diversity of ownership. He said a large number of properties owners can stymie development.

Keelan: “Developers, that’s one of their things. That’s one of their hurdles of getting things done. It’s making sure they get all the different owners on board and be able to package all of that property together.”sunrise hospital st mary

There are 63 different parcels in the area near the former nursing home and hospital.
The city would also keep the 53 acres of the north industrial site in the blighted and substandard map.

Keelan said rules for substandard declarations have a focus on aged structures, but there are no structures on the triangle property near Steinhart Park Road and Industrial Road. The triangle parcel has been proposed for a housing project.

No more than 35 percent of a first class city can be declared blighted and substandard. City Administrator Grayson Path said the proposed map would put Nebraska City at 33 percent, if the city annexes about 314 acres near the mall.

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