Cabela’s lays off undisclosed number of workers at its Sidney headquarters

Cabela’s laid off an undisclosed number of people at its Sidney, Nebraska, headquarters Tuesday.

Cabela’s spokesman Nathan Borowski wouldn’t say how many people were affected.

“The exact number is really hard to pin down,” Borowski said. “A lot of those outfitters and employees will have the opportunity to rejoin the company. We don’t have an exact number.”

Borowski said the layoffs were not part of Cabela’s proposed acquisition by Bass Pro Shops, which is pending regulatory and shareholder approval, but rather to make the company “more efficient and streamlined.”

The layoffs included people who worked for a customer service center in Sidney that will be consolidated with the Cabela’s customer service operation in North Platte.

“There were additional teams and departments across the Sidney corporate campus that also underwent a restructure,” Borowski said, but he wouldn’t specify which departments or how many people.

Some will have the opportunity to apply for new jobs within the company, or relocate to North Platte, he said.