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Man With Missouri Prison Record, Now Going to Prison in Nebraska

BEATRICE –  A man who has previously been incarcerated in Missouri on several occasions, has drawn a Gage County, Nebraska prison term.

Jesse Henry was sentenced Thursday to one-year and two-months in prison on charges involving misuse of a credit card, that he found in a dumpster.

Deputy Gage County Attorney Callyn Schuck said it is a serious matter.

:18                  “in Nebraska’

Schuck says Henry also had failed to meet with a state probation officer for an interview to complete a pre-sentence report, despite having three opportunities to do so.

Defense attorney Lyle Koenig says Henry had given the credit card he found, to a friend.

:25                  “result of that”

Koenig said it was not the kind of crime that requires prison time.  Restitution in the case was not at issue, since a bank has repaid the victim.

Judge Julie Smith said she did not like the fact that Henry didn’t appear to complete the pre-sentence investigation.  Smith noted Henry’s past prison sentences for crimes in Missouri.

:38                  “in 2008”

The judge said the Missouri sentences involved burglary, tampering with a motor vehicle and passing a bad check.  She said there seems to be a pattern of Henry taking things, that don’t belong to him.

Following his prison term, Henry is required to be on 12 months of post-release supervision.

Two Men Re-Arrested on Alleged Assault Charges, Probation Violations

FAIRBURY – Two men appeared before Judge Ricky Schreiner on Thursday, after both being accused of violating their probation.

Eighteen-year-old Dalton Meyer of Fairbury appeared in Jefferson County District Court after being re-arrested by the Fairbury Police Department in August on a charge of 3rd Degree Assault. Meyer also failed to appear for a scheduled office visit, and several drug and alcohol tests throughout July and August. Meyer did submit one drug test on August 4th, which tested positive for  amphetamine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Meyer began serving his probation in July after being found guilty of 2nd Degree Assault.

Jackie Gardner of Raymond also appeared in court after being re-arrested in Gage County in July. According to court documents, the 21-year-old man allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman. Gardner was originally placed on probation in October of 2016 after he was found guilty of Theft-Unlawful Taking.

Both men had their probation statuses revoked and are set to appear again in court in October.

Prison Term Ordered for Gage County Man, for Theft, Drug and Weapon Convictions

BEATRICE – A Gage County man has been ordered to serve a total of 4-to-8 years in state prison, for theft, drug and weapon convictions.

41-year-old Kenneth Rainey was sentenced by District Judge Julie Smith on Thursday, after being convicted of two counts of theft, attempted theft by receiving stolen property, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

A plea agreement in the case resolved two criminal cases against Rainey.  Judge Smith was told by the defendant that he lost his children because of a substance abuse problem, which he said he’s had since age 16.

:45                  “to re-offend”

Rainey previously had served ten months in prison at Leavenworth, Kansas.

He received 242 days credit off his Gage County sentences for time already spent in custody.   He was ordered to pay more than $900 in court costs, within 18 months.

Man Convicted in Gage County Rural Thefts, Sentenced to Prison

BEATRICE – A man sentenced last week in a Lancaster County drug case, Thursday was sentenced to 4-6 years in prison in three Gage County criminal cases, including thefts that victimized rural residents.

33-year-old Aaron Satterfield was convicted in Gage County of theft by receiving stolen property, two counts of possession of methamphetamine, flight to avoid arrest, and attempted possession of a deadly weapon.   His 4-to-6 years in prison in the Gage County cases, will run concurrently with a 4-7-year sentence given in Lancaster County, for distribution of methamphetamine.

Satterfield and Casey Oldfield were convicted in a string of thefts from farm owners.  District Judge Julie Smith today ordered Satterfield to pay $4,250 restitution to six victims of the rural thefts, in Gage County.

The Gage County Attorney’s Office and Gage County Public Defender reached a plea agreement to resolve all three of the criminal cases in Gage County.

In August, Casey Oldfield was sentenced to 3-8 years in prison for convictions in three Gage County criminal cases.

In the series of thefts, Chief Deputy Gage County Attorney Amanda Spracklen-Hogan said several county residents with farm equipment and outbuildings were disturbed that someone would come onto their properties, and steal items.

AG Sounds Alarm On Crimes Against Young And Old

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson spoke with middle school students and senior citizens at “mobile office” hours in Nebraska City Thursday, warning the age groups about sex trafficking and scams that prey on people’s trust.

Peterson urged students to make decisions now about how they will handle situations where illegal drugs are presented to them, rather than having to make split second decisions under peer pressure. He also warned students about the use of cell phones for sexting and extortion.

He said the attorney general’s office works with law enforcement to monitor crimes utilizing Internet and cell phones.

Peterson: “We are also looking for human trafficking activity, where people are trying to market young girls for sex.. so we have to closely watch this.”

He described situations where run-aways in need of temporary shelter are offered drugs and food and later forced into sexual slavery.


Peterson: “The average age of those who enter into human trafficking is 14 years old. Where do you go find 14 year olds. The best place is here (holding up cell phone) because the volume is very, very high. You can go to shopping malls, you can go to sporting events.”

He said laptop computers should be kept in the living room and cell phones should be checked-in with a parent before a child goes to bed at night.

He also warned students against marijuana use, saying studies show that regular users are more susceptible to paranoid schizophrenia.

Like the tobacco industry, he says the marijuana industry seeks to get children to use in order to secure a customer for life.

For seniors, he said, his office encourages them not to answer calls from numbers they are not familiar with. If it’s important, he said, they will leave a message.

Peterson: “Once these scammers get you on the phone, they are very, very good at what they do. Just like the scammers with young kids on computers, once they get into a dialog with someone, they are very good at deceiving the kids.

Peterson said mobile office hours are well received in rural areas. He said it gives his office opportunity to help people to take responsibility for their own financial guardance.”


Interviews Still Being Conducted in Fairbury High School ‘Sexting’ Investigation

FAIRBURY – Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating several alleged ‘sexting’ incidents that an estimated ten to 20 Fairbury High School students were involved in.

Fairbury Chief of Police Chad Sprunk told News Channel Nebraska on Thursday it’s a “sensitive” case and that interviews are still being conducted. He says ultimately, it will be up to the County Attorney to decide whether to proceed with any charges.

Sprunk says it’s not necessarily the sexual acts being questioned, but the documenting and distribution of video and pictures that’s both harmful and illegal.

Keep Beatrice Beautiful Receives Grant Assistance for Trees, Shrubs

BEATRICE- Keep Beatrice Beautiful and the City of Beatrice are benefitting from grant support, to help plant trees and shrubs.

KBB Administrator Linda Grell says the organization in late July received a $10,000 restoration grant from Keep America Beautiful and Anheuser-Busch.  Application was made for the money following the severe June 16th wind storm, that damaged or knocked down several trees in Riverside Park.

Grell says only four states received the grant…Nebraska, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

Keep Beatrice Beautiful also received Nebraska’s lone grant from the Keep America Beautiful Community Trail program.   Each of 35 states received one grant, through the program.

The $5,000 grant is helping enhance a two-mile section of the Chief Standing Bear Trail that is located within the city’s jurisdiction.  On Tuesday, 25 adult and youth volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 221, The Homestead Running Club, Big Blue Biking Club and Beatrice Public Properties Department planted 30 trees and 30 shrubs along the trail.

Keep Beatrice Beautiful also has received a $5,000 tree planting grant from United Parcel Service, for an upcoming planting this fall.

Ashford Doubling Down Against ‘Flip-Flop’ Attacks

Omaha, NE.—Former Congressman Brad Ashford is doubling down against critics who say he’s a flip-flopper largely because of his vote on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Last month Ashford told News Channel Nebraska, “I never said I was so much for the pipeline.” That was despite his 2015 vote in the House of Representatives for legislation that would have forced President Obama to approve the KXL.

Brad Ashford

This week as he officially launched his bid to regain his old job Ashford dismissed the argument that he is trying to make good with the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

“If I try to find a more left of center approach to try to appeal to what is perceived to be a left of center party well no one’s going to buy that”, said Ashford. “I mean I am what I am.”

A couple dozen backers of incumbent Republican Congressman Don Bacon protested outside Ashford’s campaign kick-off this week, calling him a flip-flopper.

Ashford has said his 2015 vote, “Was defending the process that had been established by the Legislature. It was really a vote to allow Nebraska…to make its own decision.”

Ashford tells NCN (see video above) he’s comfortable running on his record:  

NCN: What is the one overriding issue in this campaign?

Ashford: I think really what it boils down to Joe, is that we were able to get things done in Washington, significant things done in Washington by finding friends on both sides of the aisle. The overriding issue is the incredible polarization that still exists in the country and in the Congress.

NCN: Those were also the issues when you got beat, so why does it work this time?

Ashford: It was bad winds were blowing. Very odd election where you had a deep division in the Democratic Party and Republicans who normally do not vote Trump was able to turn out.

NCN: Before you get to the general there is a primary. Any concerns about the primary?

Ashford: I’m not concerned about the general and I’m not concerned about the primary.

Kara Eastman

NCN: Your opponent in the primary (Kara Eastman) put out a campaign fundraiser, said that of the first 10 doors or so she knocked on nine of them were for her and not for you.

Ashford: Well, I don’t know which doors those were. We have a great deal of support.

NCN: The argument against your winning a Democratic primary this time is that the Democrats in the primary, the ones that vote are more liberal than you are, that you’re more moderate and therefore they won’t gravitate toward you.

Ashford: I think I am a moderate. I think I try to find ideas on both sides. The left of the Democratic Party, the right of the Republican Party didn’t help move issues forward, didn’t help health care, didn’t help us get a budget. If I try to find a more left of center approach to try to appeal to what is perceived to be a left of center party well no one’s going to buy that. I mean I am what I am.

Ashford says his work in Congress— including a new VA medical clinic in Omaha and a new runway for Offutt Air Force Base—is proof he can get things done by working with lawmakers of both political parties.

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City of Beatrice Hires Legal Assistant, Toward City Attorney Appointment

BEATRICE – The City of Beatrice has hired a person who could become the new Beatrice City Attorney, next year.

Mayor Stan Wirth announced today that the city is hiring Abigail Stark, of Beatrice, who will start out as a legal assistant at city offices, beginning on Monday.

:19                  “that appointment, then”

Stark would later fill a vacancy created by the resignation of attorney Greg Butcher, now the City Administrator for Seward.  Mayor Wirth says Beatrice City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer will continue as Acting City Attorney during the transition period.

:08                  “choice, for us”

Stark will be attending city council meetings as a legal assistant, pending her appointment as City Attorney, next summer.

City officials interviewed about a half-dozen candidates, for the city attorney position.

Counterfeit Bills Spotted, in Grand Island

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (AP) — A central Nebraska mall says its stores received three counterfeit $100 bills from customers in less than an hour.
The bills were used as payment in three stores at Conestoga Mall in Grand Island within a 40-minute period Tuesday.
Police are investigating and say they have security camera footage of two male suspects. Grand Island Police Capt. Jim Duering says authorities believe they’re connected to cases in Kearney and Lexington.
The stores that reported the bills are Victoria’s Secret, Pro Image and Foot Locker. Duering says the alleged counterfeiters were able to buy merchandise in some of the cases.

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