Kids Have a Blast on Saturday at Homestead Days

BEATRICE - Charles Park presented lots of prime opportunities for kids to enjoy the beautiful weather on Saturday during Homestead Days in Beatrice. One of the featured kids' activities was right n... Read More

Barn West of Beatrice Burns to the Ground

BEATRICE - Firefighter crews are currently on the scene at a fire just west of Beatrice along Highway 136. The fire has taken place at Thimm Farms, located at 5104 West Highway 136. The barn was burned completely to the ground. Responding to... Read More

Defy Ventures, Inc. Comes to Tecumseh Prison to Help Bring the Best Out of Inmates

TECUMSEH - The message coming from the inside of the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution is not always a good one, but a program called Defy Ventures, Inc., is hoping to change that. "We're ready to produce some great stories to show the world... Read More

Rock Creek Aquaculture Opens, Fresh Locally Raised Shrimp

DILLER - Locally raised Shrimp in Nebraska? Rock Creek Aquaculture opened for business this past weekend and offers just that, local and fresh shrimp. Owner Scott Pretzer has renovated his family's old hog confinement building into a shrimp farm... Read More

Historic B17 Bomber takes flight over Omaha

OMAHA -- The Madras Maiden was in Omaha to promote WWII history....... Read More

Community Rallying Together as Storm Damages Beatrice Mini Golf Heavily

BEATRICE - Over the weekend, Beatrice Mini Golf proved to be one of the places hit hardest by storms coming into Beatrice. With it being beloved by the community, it may be up and running before long, however. According to current owner, Mike Gay... Read More

Power Lines Down, Grain Bin Crushed During Holmesville Storm Damage

HOLMESVILLE - Friday night's storm damage made it's way south of Beatrice down into Holmesville, as well. With power lines down throughout Linden Road on the outskirts of the small Southeast Nebraska town, driving into town can be a bit dangerous ... Read More

Blue Springs Cleans Up Significant Damage to Properties and Homes

BLUE SPRINGS - Trees and power lines down, properties damaged and residents were out in the heat on Saturday trying to cleaning up the mess. Blue Springs is one of the areas that got hit the hardest from Friday night's storm. Homeowners Sharo... Read More

Butterflies Released in Memory of Deceased Loved Ones

FAIRBURY - Before being released into the sunny sky, butterflies fluttered around in a box with a ribbon on it. Each butterfly representing someone who has passed on. Each butterfly carrying precious memories as they flew away. AseraCare Hospice h... Read More

Beatrice ROCKS Popularity Spreading Across Community

BEATRICE - Over a thousand people have fled to the Beatrice ROCKS Facebook page in a short amount of time thanks to a brand new fad across town. Beatrice ROCKS is an idea based off The Kindness Rocks Project. It was "created to spread inspiration ... Read More

YMCA Unveils Idea for New Splash Park, Thanks to Exmark

BEATRICE - Thanks to a mini scavenger hunt, kids at the Beatrice YMCA now know that they will be having a brand new splash park very soon. The YMCA has been approved for the splash park through a $25,000 grant from the Exmark Big Rock Project. ... Read More