How Did Fairbury Handle the Ice Storm? Fairbury Police Say 'No Complications'

FAIRBURY - The Storm is finally over in Fairbury, and now it’s time to focus on thawing everything out. So how did the city of Fairbury respond to this storm? Well according to officer Nick Georgi o... Read More

No Accidents, Only One Power Outage in Marshall County Thanks to Constant Effort

MARYSVILLE -  The rain continues to fall in Marysville, Kansas, but thanks to many working together, there has been minimal damage to this point. Winter Storm Jupiter has only caused one power outage in Marshall County, and as of 11 a.m., the she... Read More

A Scary Commute: How Some Are Planning Their Trip Back Home From Work After Ice Storm.

FAIRBURY - Whenever bad weather strikes, we often forget that some people still have to work. However during Winter Storm Jupiter, it made it especially difficult to travel to and from work for those living out of town. At the Jefferson Community Hea... Read More

Jefferson County Emergency Manager Gives Advice On Traveling Safely During Weather, More

FAIRBURY - Fairbury is now starting to experience the worst of the storm, as freezing rain continues to fall across Kansas and Southeast Nebraska. The rain will be continuous throughout the rest of the evening, making travel conditions extremely dang... Read More

Kansas Highway Patrol Has Close Call in Ice Storm

RUSSELL COUNTY, KS - If you want an example of what icy roads can do, check out this footage. The video above is from our weather partners at Weather Nation. The dash-cam footage show a high patrolman having a close call with a semi that lost con... Read More

Fairbury Ice Storm Update

As winter storm Jupiter continues to move throughout Kansas and Nebraska, travel is strongly advised against. Roads in Fairbury are in decent shape, however some are partially covered with ice.   The freezing rain started to fall around 5:... Read More

Crome's Market Stays Open to Supply Customers Despite Poor Weather

MARYSVILLE, KS - No matter how poor the weather is, some people still have to go to work. That includes Stephanie Wecker and Helen Schwindamann at Crome's Market in Marysville. With the potential for loss of electricity, frozen pipes, and more, Cr... Read More

New Channel Nebraska's Bryan Cook Warns Community Of Icy Conditions

Our Bryan Cook reports on his travels to the station....... Read More

Icy Weather Affects Beatrice Both In Town And On Highways

Our Doug Kennedy discusses how the City of Beatrice prepares for weather, and what highways to avoid....... Read More

Severe Weather Update From News Channel Nebraska's Lauren Hubka

Our Lauren Hubka was out mid-morning giving an update to warn people about side streets and parking lots....... Read More

Icy Conditions and Sliding Cars in Northern Kansas

MARYSVILLE - As you can see from the above video, the icy conditions are making travel on local roadways very difficult in northern Kansas and southern Nebraska. News Channel Nebraska's Elise Waller and Jay Hannah were driving between 5 to 10 mph ... Read More