Plattsmouth plans to build campground on what was supposed to be Missouri River resort

Plattsmouth has re-hooked a big one that once got away. The former Castaway Pointe development site along the Missouri River has evolved into plans for a riverfront campground for up to 150 recreat... Read More

Council Approves Removal of Unsafe Houses in Falls City

FALLS CITY - The Falls City council has officially approved the removal of several dilapidated homes in town. The city of Falls City has identified five homes that are nuisance properties and are considered unsafe. The owners of the properties hav... Read More

Jupiter Has Passed, But New Winter Storm Could Hit Next Week

COLUMBUS - Although winter storm Jupiter has come and gone, forecasters at the National Weather Service are keeping their eye on another winter storm that could hit the area next week. The National Weather Service says the last thing Nebraskans ma... Read More

Forecasters say they were on target with their ice storm predictions

Don’t blame weather forecasters if your children were home Tuesday, tearing apart your house because classes were canceled across the area despite just wet and not icy streets. Winter conditions played out over the past two days just as they we... Read More

Main roads in good shape Tuesday morning

A warming trend is expected across the region beginning today, which should melt leftover ice, especially on side streets, sidewalks and in parking lots. High temperatures today should climb into the mid- to upper 30s, and into the mid-40s Wednes... Read More

Nebraska City Couple Arrested In Sidney On Meth Charges

SIDNEY - Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Aistrope reports a narcotics investigation led to the arrest of a Nebraska City couple on methamphetamine charges. As the result of the investigation, a traffic stop was conducted in the early morning hours on... Read More

Ice Coats Tecumseh in Worst Storm in Six Years

TECUMSEH, NE - Freezing rain, sleet and rain helped contribute to Tecumseh's worst ice storm in nearly six years. The town received two tenths to three tenths of an inch of ice by Monday morning, with an additional tenth of an inch possible, accor... Read More

Plattsmouth Could Lead With LED Street Lights

PLATTSMOUTH - The Plattsmouth City Council is expected to consider a proposal at its meeting tonight that could make the city one of the first in Nebraska to switch entirely to LED bulbs for street lights. Nebraska Public Power District is proposi... Read More

Police Suspect Woman Arrested In Auburn For Nebraska City Car Theft

NEBRASKA CITY - Nebraska City police are investigating to learn if a woman arrested Sunday in Auburn is connected to a stolen car from Casey’s along 11th Street just as Winter Storm Jupiter was entering the area. A Fremont woman left the keys in... Read More

Nebraska City and Auburn Mayors: Travel Only if Needed

NEBRASKA CITY, NE - City leaders in Nebraska City and Auburn are advising residents to not travel Monday into Tuesday morning, unless you absolutely have too. Both towns received two tenths to three tenths of an inch of ice by Monday morning, with... Read More

Auburn Man Killed in Highway 75 Collision With Semi-Trailer

NEBRASKA CITY - Scott Koch, 43, of rural Auburn was killed in a Highway 75 accident south of Nebraska City Sunday morning. Koch was driving a Buick LeSabre north on the highway when he apparently crossed the center line near Q Road. The car struck... Read More