Fairbury High School Bringing Big Changes to 2016-17 School Year

FAIRBURY - Students coming back to Fairbury High School next year may realize the building looks a bit different from the year before. Included in the renovations are the front office space to enha... Read More

Gage County Deputies Arrest Parole Absconder

BEATRICE – Bond is set at $10,000 for a man arrested by Gage County authorities for allegedly absconding parole. Patrick Wahlstrom was arrested in Blue Springs last Friday night.  He was also booked for obstructing police and allegedly carrying... Read More

Manager of Dempster Industries Pays Off City Economic Development Loan

BEATRICE – The Canadian operator of Dempster Manufacturing LLC in Beatrice, has completed payment on an economic development loan from the City of Beatrice. City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says the payment from Ryan Mitchell, for approxima... Read More

Tree Dump Site in Beatrice Shuts Down

BEATRICE – The mountain of downed limbs and branches west of the Beatrice Municipal Auditorium has apparently reached its’ peak. Electronic signboards have gone up at the site, directing residents to now take downed branches to the Beatrice Ar... Read More

The Fourth of July is a week away. Here are tips for staying safe around fireworks

In just an instant, fireworks can cause injuries ranging from minor burns to life-altering losses of eyes, fingers or even limbs. But a long list of do’s and don’ts can help people young and old avoid such injuries, Dr. Jessica Summers, medica... Read More

Tractor From Last Homestead on Way From Alaska, to Nebraska

BEATRICE – A tractor used in farming the last homestead registered under the Homestead Act of 1862, is set to arrive in Nebraska early next month.  The Allis Chalmers 1945 Model C, remained for several years on the Ken Deardorff homestead, in Alas... Read More

Upgrade Possibilities Discussed, For Beatrice Big Blue Water Park

BEATRICE – The Big Blue Water Park turned 17 this year, and some city officials say it’s time for a facelift.   With other communities passing bond issues or building new swimming facilities, Beatrice officials are working with a consultant to ... Read More

Beatrice Officials Ponder Purchase and Resale of Old Buildings

BEATRICE – With a significant number of deteriorating and mostly vacant commercial buildings, Beatrice city officials are pondering whether the city should acquire and fix them up for resale.  Council President David “Pede” Catlin says it coul... Read More

Police Say AK-47 Bandit who allegedly robbed Nebraska City Bank may be in custody

HELENA, Mont. -- Federal agents found homemade bombs in the Montana home of a man they suspect is the "AK-47 Bandit," who is wanted for a string of bank robberies and is accused of shooting at a Kansas state trooper, according to authorities and cour... Read More

Rear Collision Near Holmesville, Injures One

BEATRICE – Emergency officials were summoned to a two-vehicle accident last night, on the asphalt road between Holmesville and U.S. Highway 136. Fire and Rescue officials were sent at 9:45 p.m. to the scene on South 36th Road, about one-point-fi... Read More

National Monument Draws Nearly 5,000, For Homestead Days

BEATRICE -  Homestead National Monument officials are estimating attendance during Friday through Sunday Homestead Days events at nearly 5,000 visitors.   Park Superintendent Mark Engler says there was a lot to do during at the education and herit... Read More