Mitten Tree


Ol Red 99-5, News Channel Nebraska, Sponsors, and Listeners all teamed up to make this year’s Mitten Tree Drive a big success.   Hundreds of of glove, scarf, and mitten donations were made.  The donations were then distributed through the sponsors local school districts.

A big thank you to these sponsors for participating this year:

Diode Communications of Diller
Elsie Grace in Frankfort, Kansas
Kerner True Value in Tecumseh
Steel Magnolia’s in Beatrice
Hardin’s Country Barn in Wymore
Shop Quik in Wilber
Kramer Oil – CJ Express in Marysville, KS
Gold Crest Retirement Center in Adams
First Bank of Nebraska in Sterling and Burchard
Crete Chamber of Commerce in Crete
Farm Buruea – Kendall Schlake in Fairbury
Hebron Central Market in Hebron
Cubby’s in Syracuse














Mischel Miller (on the left) & “Nan”, owner of Elsie Grace


First Bank of NE Sterling











From left to right is

(in the blue) Russ Trauernicht from First Bank Of NE he is the Senior Vice President.

In the middle is Ryun Theobald he is the Principal at Sterling Public Schools and Ryan Knipplemeyer is on the end he is the Superintendent at Sterling

First Bank Of Nebraska in Sterling donated their items from the mitten to Sterling Public Schools.

First Bank of Burchard











Linda Dekoning-Bank Manager of First Bank of NE in Burchard

And Rick Kentfield the Superintendent for Lewiston School.

Diode Communications










Diode Communications of Diller thanks you for your donations!












Cubby’s in Syracuse thanks you for your donations.

CJ Express









Kramer Oil – CJ Express in Marysville, KS thanks you for your donations


Central Market

Drew Harris (on the left) & Steve, owner of Central Market in Hebron