Outdoor notes: Cornhusker Trapshoot; Fall turkey hunter survey

Outdoor notes: Cornhusker Trapshoot; Fall turkey hunter survey
Payton DeTavernier of Papillion-La Vista won a shoot-off to capture the Cornhusker Cup at the 50th Cornhusker Trapshoot on Saturday in Doniphan, Nebraska. (Nebraskaland Magazine/NGPC)

DeTavernier first girl to win Cornhusker Cup

DONIPHAN, Neb. – You might think Payton DeTavernier, like many people, might be nervous entering a shoot-off for the Cornhusker Cup. You’d be wrong.

The Papillion-La Vista junior shot a 72 in the handicap Saturday, then won a shoot-off to become the first girl to win the Cornhusker Trapshoot.

“I stayed content,” she said about her mind-set entering the shoot-off. “I was already there. I just needed a bigger accomplishment to win.

“I don’t get nervous or anxious,” she said. “I’ve never been all nervous and shaky.”

DeTavernier, who shot a 75 Friday to combine for a two-day 147 score, broke 39 targets in the shoot-off to defeat Omaha Creighton Prep’s Alex Papa, who broke 37.

This year’s champion has competed in the Cornhusker since the seventh grade, and she won the junior high title here in the eighth grade. She had the high girls’ score in the 2018 Cornhusker Trapshoot. She was also on the 2019 winning high school team, and had the girls’ top handicap score.

Claybuster 4-H won the 4-H team title, Omaha Marian Blue won the girls’ team title, and Jade Chapman of Papillion-La Vista won the girls’ high score.

The three-day event drew 830 junior high and 1,576 senior high shooters.

Results from Saturday’s senior high competition are:


Top 10 Individuals – Cornhusker Cup winner – Payton DeTavernier, Papillion-La Vista (won shoot-off), 147 of 150; 2. Alex Papa, Omaha Creighton Prep, 147; 3. Tom Peltz, Omaha Creighton Prep, 145; 4. Hunter Howe, Claybuster 4-H, 145; 5. Dagen Voightman, Louisville, 145; 6. Bryce McGill, Norris, 145; 7. Jacob Slieter, Papillion-La Vista, 144; 8. Vincent Kuehlthau, Papillion-La Vista, 144; 9. Connor Gregg, Omaha Creighton Prep, 143; 10. Jaron Cooper, Sutherland, 143

Top Three Ladies – 1. Jade Chapman, Papillion-La Vista, 141 of 150; 2. McKenna Schwisow, Wilber 4-H, 140; 3. Morgan Krinke, Lincoln Pius X, 139

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Claybuster 4-H A (Jeremy Cripps, Chase Krzyzewsky, Jerrod Fulk, Blake Greckel, Hunter Howe), 691 of 750; 2. Oak Creek 4-H 2, 687; 3. Wilber 4-H 1, 674

Top High School Teams – 1. Papillion-La Vista Titan 1 (Andre Perkins, Jade Chapman, Jacob Slieter, Christian Cole, Payton DeTavernier), 710 of 750; 2. Omaha Creighton Prep Blue, 709; 3. Norris 1, 695; 4. Papillion-La Vista Monarch 1, 689; 5. Omaha Skutt Green, 685; 6. Omaha Skutt Black, 681

Top Three Ladies Teams – 1. Omaha Marian Blue (Anna Feldman, Samantha Tracy, Malerie Birkel, Elizabeth Brisbin, Alexandria Rowe), 631 of 750; 2. Lincoln Southwest Teal, 627; 3. Omaha Duchesne Black, 626


Top Three Ladies – 1. Payton DeTavernier, Papillion-La Vista, 72 of 75; 2. Anna Feldman, Omaha Marian, 71; 3. McKenna Schwisow, Wilber 4-H, 70

Top Three Individuals – 1. Alex Papa, Omaha Creighton Prep, 73 of 75; 2. Jacob Slieter, Papillion-La Vista, 73; 3. Bryce McGill, Norris, 73

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Claybuster 4-H A (Jeremy Cripps, Chase Krzyzewsky, Jerrod Fulk, Blake Greckel, Hunter Howe), 340 of 375; 2. Oak Creek 4-H 2, 332; 3. Blue River 4-H Red, 332

Top Three Ladies Teams – 1. Papillion-La Vista Lady Monarch (Coco White, Zoe Timberlake, Sabrina Buls, Audrey Irvine, Alayna Saint), 318 of 375; 2. Omaha Marian Blue, 318; 3. Omaha Duchesne Black, 316

Top Six High School Teams – 1. Omaha Creighton Prep Blue (Alex Papa, Matthew McGovern, Aidan Buechler, Tom Peltz, Mitch Finocchiaro), 349 of 375; 2. Papillion-La Vista Titan 1, 348; 3. Norris 1, 344; 4. Papillion-La Vista Monarch 1, 340; 5. Omaha Skutt Black, 333; 6. Raymond Central Blue, 331

Yardage Winners

18-19 Yards – 1. Gavin Anderson, Centura, 70 of 75; 2. Landen Rezac, Waverly, 69; 3. Thomas Buchanan, Blue River 4-H, 69; 4. Ethan Hunt, Lincoln North Star, 68; 5. Jed McFarland, Louisville, 68; 6. Kailey Gustafson, Fremont, 67; 7. Graham Kovarik, Western Nebraska 4-H, 67; 8. Ben Njus, Conestoga, 67; 9. Keagan Callahan, Lincoln Pius X, 67; 10. Hayden Hadford, Omaha Creighton Prep, 66

20-21 Yards – 1. Haley Long, Blue River 4-H, 70 of 75; 2. Carson Craig, Ashland 4-H, 70; 3. Trevor Hall, Lincoln Southwest, 70; 4. Sawyer Kunc, Wilber 4-H, 70; 5. Chaisson Hirth, Millard South, 69; 6. Cole Kerans, Louisville, 69; 7. Zac Silos, North Platte, 69; 8. Esdon Weers, Beatrice, 69; 9. Carson Schaneman, Blue River 4-H, 69; 10. Dalton Stones, Papillion-La Vista, 68

22-23 Yards – 1. Benjamin Wilson, Fremont, 72 of 75; 2. Dylan Sash, Millard Wes, 72; 3. Jared Thonen, Omaha Skutt, 71; 4. Connor Jensen, Papillion-La Vista, 71; 5. Alex Hunter, Norris, 71; 6. Kaden Bryant, Lincoln Southeast, 70; 7. Layton Belohrad, Millard West, 70; 8. Kyle Gregory, Fairbury, 70

24-25 Yards – 1. Vincent Kuehlthau, Papillion-La Vista, 72 of 75; 2. Tom Peltz, Omaha Creighton Prep, 72; 3. Connor Gregg, Omaha Creighton Prep, 71; 4. Tyler Uhri, Falls City, 71; 5. Cole Sorenson, Waverly, 70; 6. Hunter Howe, Claybuster 4-H, 70; 7. Dagen Voightman, Louisville, 70; 8. Sean Kile, Norris, 70

Beckman is junior high champion at 50th Cornhusker Trapshoot

DONIPHAN, Neb. – Luke Beckman of Malcom 4-H broke 98 of 100 clay targets at 16 yards to win the junior high competition in the 50th Cornhusker Trapshoot on Thursday.

Josie Lange of Karp & Krow 4-H (Burwell) had the girls’ highest score at 89. The girls’ top team was Raymond Central with a 323 of 500. Platte Valley Claybusters 4-H (Mitchell) was the top 4-H with a 453, and Sutton was the top junior high team with a 448.

On Thursday, 830 junior high shooters competed.

The junior high results are:

Top 20 Individuals – 1. Luke Beckman, Malcolm 4-H, 98 of 100; 2. Craig Lemoine, Platte Valley Claybusters 4-H, 97; 3. Collin Deitz, Waverly, 96; 4. Brandon Fish, Beadle Middle School (Omaha), 96; 5. Dillon Simpson, Karp & Krow 4-H, 96; 6. Mason Beck, St. Joseph 4-H (Lincoln), 96; 7. Vance Smith, Sutton, 96; 8. Zach Smith, Brady, 96; 9. Jarrett Carlisle, Madison County 4-H, 96; 10. Stevie Wiseman, Sutton, 95; 11. Jacob Andreason, Wahoo, 95; 12. Daylon Heater, Fremont, 95; 13. Harley Yenni, Adams, 94; 14. Nathan Clement, Platte Valley Claybusters 4-H, 94; 15. AJ Glinsmann, Norris, 94; 16. Logan Rogers, Waverly, 94; 17. Jace Snook, Fairbury, 94; 18. Jordan Hiemstra, Wahoo Bishop Neumann, 94; 19. Dylan Martin, Brush, Colo., 4-H 93; 20. Joel Katzberg, Gibbon, 93

Top Six Ladies – 1. Josie Lange, Karp & Krow 4-H, 89 of 100; 2. Kayla Hendricks; Elkhorn Middle School, 88; 3. Haley Johnson, Gordon-Rushville, 88; 4. Anslee Lasngrehr, Grand Island, 87; 5. Scotlyn Kincaid, Liberty Middle School (Papillion), 86; 6. Jaelynn Kliment, Raymond Central 85

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Platte Valley Claybusters 4-H A (Nathan Clement, Thomas Dredla, Jaxson Orozco, Abram Spearman, Craig Lemoine), 453 of 500; 2. Blue River 4-H Red (Crete), 446; 3. Malcom 4-H 1, 437

Top Ladies Team – 1. Raymond Central Mustangs (Ayla Rech, Erika Donahue, Sophia Cadotte, Addison Grant, Jaelynn Kliment), 323 of 500; 2. Gibbon 1, 319; 3. Norris Lady, 316

Top Six Junior High Teams – 1. Sutton 1 (Vance Smith, Stevie Wiseman, Ingelise Andersen, Carson Peterson, Ethan Drudik), 448 of 500; 2. Waverly Maroon, 443; 3. Adams Blue, 438; 4. Norris 1, 437; 5. Beatrice 1, 437; 6. Grand Island 1, 421

Fall 2018 turkey hunters report high satisfaction

LINCOLN, Neb. – Hunters expressed a high level of satisfaction with their 2018 fall turkey hunting experiences, according to a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission survey. Ninety-seven percent of respondents indicated they would return to Nebraska to hunt turkeys during a future fall season.

Overall, 62 percent of hunters were satisfied or very satisfied with their fall turkey hunting experience in Nebraska, and 55 percent were satisfied with the number of turkeys they had seen while hunting.

The survey results show that Nebraska draws hunters for its turkey seasons because of permit availability and cost, and the turkey population abundance across the state.

During the fall season, 5,977 permits were sold to 5,725 fall turkey hunters. Fifteen percent of fall permits sold were youth permits. On average, turkey hunters in Nebraska spent about five days each hunting during the fall 2018 season. Overall, 56 percent of fall turkey hunters were successful in harvesting a turkey with a total harvest for the fall 2018 season of 3,255 turkeys.

Full results of the 2018 fall turkey hunter survey can be found at: outdoornebraska.org/wildturkey. Visit outdoornebraska.org to purchase 2019 spring turkey permits.

Water Out at Big Alkali Lake

VALENTINE, Neb. — Visitors to Big Alkali Lake Wildlife Management Area will see a lot of water, but not coming from a faucet.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has received reports that water services at the Sandhills lake, including showers, restrooms and hook-ups at camping sites, are temporarily out of commission. A plumber has been scheduled to look at the problem this week, but visitors are advised to prepare for limited services.

Big Alkali Lake, an 842-acre body of water about 20 miles south of Valentine, has rustic cabins, an RV campground, showers, fish cleaning station and a small store operated under lease by a concessionaire.

Two Rivers SRA tentative reopening date set for May 15

LINCOLN, Neb. – Two Rivers State Recreation Area in Waterloo is tentatively expected to reopen to the public on May 15.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission temporarily closed the area after flooding damaged portions of the park in March. Also damaged was F Street, the road that provides access to the park.

F Street reopened on May 2. The reopening of F Street will allow crews to more easily access the park to replace electrical pedestals and to repair roads within the park that sustained damage during the flooding.

Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area reopens after flooding

LINCOLN, Neb. – Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area has reopened to public use. The park was temporarily closed after sustaining damage during March flooding.

“Fremont Lakes is an important and very popular place for many Nebraskans to spend time with family and friends,” said Jeff Fields, regional superintendent for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “Our staff and many generous volunteers worked very hard to reopen this park in advance of the busy summer season.”

While much of the park is open, several areas will remain closed or have use limitations in place as repairs continue. Restricted areas are as follows:

  • A no-wake/5 mph speed limit is in place on lakes 10, 15 (Victory) and 20 because of snags, trees and other potential boat hazards. Normal recreational boating activities on these lakes is expected by the end of May;
  • Fisherman’s Point Campground in the north camping area will be closed to all camping until further notice due to high lake levels and roadway damage;
  • Access to the Pathfinder Campground will be from west side of the area just off of County Road 19;
  • Portions of roadways damaged by flooding have been closed. The public is reminded to observe cautionary signage and barricades.

Both the east and west entrances to the south camping areas are open. A valid 2019 Nebraska State Park Permit is required for all vehicles entering the park. For more information on Fremont Lakes and other Nebraska state park areas, visit OutdoorNebraska.org.

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