Wind Farm Addition On Agenda For Saline County Commissioners

SALINE – The Saline County Planning Board approved the addition of another wind farm eight miles west of Wilbur. The farm is planned to be 15 by 8 miles in size and already has over 100 landowners with signed contracts for the use of their land. Each mile section houses around four turbines for a combined total of 95 turbines on the land.

This wind project is the second of two potential areas, and the first named Milligan 3, has already been approved. Milligan 3 is planned to have 37 turbines in a much smaller area further west on Highway 15.

The current wind farm was originally two projects, Milligan 1 and Milligan 2, but has since been combined to one project known as Milligan 1. It will run both east and west of Highway 15 and north and south of Highway 41.

The projects are being contracted out to a company by the name of Aksamit and is based out of Texas. The energy collected by turbines will go all over the middle part of the country with a large percentage going south in the summer and north in the winter. Aksamit covers areas from Texas up to Minnesota.

The Milligan 1 Project was approved by the Saline County Planning Board but will be on the agenda of the County Commissioners meeting October 4th.

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