Why Your Home Could Burn 10X Faster

NORFOLK, NE — Did you know the furniture you have in your home could potentially help kill you?

“Back in the early 70’s and before that it would take a room to flashover about half hour if it was just left to run, with all the modern materials now you can get a room to flashover in less than three-and-a-half minutes.”

That’s right, according to Norfolk Fire Marshal Terry Zwiebel, Your home could burn 10x faster simply because of the furniture you buy.

Most modern man-made materials, such as synthetics, are petroleum based products. Think of that as frozen gasoline.

“If you think about how fast gasoline and diesel fuel burn, it’s the same thing it just takes longer to catch fire, so when it does it will start to heat up quicker and give off a lot more noxious and toxic gases.”

In a video here, made by the National Institute of Standards and Testing shows the dangers of “modern” fires to the dangers of fires occurring 40 years ago.

Keep an eye on the clock…that’s right, at around three-and-a-half minutes that even the air is burning.

“The easiest fires to fight are the ones we don’t have.” Says Zwiebel who says that temperatures in fires range from 1,100 degrees up to 1,600 degrees.

“None of those temperatures are survivable, even with firefighters in full gear.”

Zwiebel says you can take some precautions such as changing your batteries in your detectors and making sure there are sprinkles in residential fire sprinklers.

“I’ve seen water damage dry up, but I’ve never seen a fire unburn.”

Having a family plan fire escape plan, according to Zwiebel is also important.

“If you have your own home escape plan and you practice it at least twice a year, you’ll have it in your head you will react to it versus panic.”

Zwiebel says to make sure you have one meeting place and preferably on the street side because that’s where the fire department will be coming too.

Sleeping with your door closed can also buy you an extra 20 minutes.

“The door is protection for minimum of 20 minutes to keep that smoke out. Again, it’s not the fire that normally kills people, it’s the smoke.”

These days people can even buy smoke detectors that will text you if something is wrong in your home.

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