Warrant Active for Woman Who Stole $500 From Employer

COLUMBUS –  Local law enforcement are asking for the publics help in locating a Columbus woman who was found guilty of stealing from her employer, for a court violation.

20-year-old Morgan Fajman is facing theft charges in Platte County Court after allegedly stealing $500 from her employer on February 19th of 2016. Court Documents say the employer contacted law enforcement after a cash register Fajman was working, was short $500.98.

After looking at security footage, Fajman could reportedly be seen putting money into her sleeve and then into her purse.

Fajman was found guilty of the theft and court records say a warrant is active in both this case as well as a driving under suspension case, and shoplifting case.

Fajman was scheduled to appear for probation violation hearing on April 6th, when the bench warrant was issued. Fajman was also schedule to appear for sentencing in the shoplifting case on April 6th, for a charge she pled guilty to, and that was amended from a class 4 felony to a class 2 misdemeanor.

If you have any information, law enforcement encourage you to contact Crime Stoppers at 402-563-4000 or the sheriff’s office at 402-564-3229.

*The initial post stated the employee theft incident took place this year. It occurred in 2016.