Veto Override Attempt on Beatrice Six Bill, Set For Today

BEATRICE – A Nebraska Legislator is asking colleagues to override Governor Pete Ricketts veto of a bill that would allow Gage County to enact a half-cent local sales tax, to help pay off the Beatrice Six case judgment against the county.

Senator Myron Dorn, of Adams filed his motion to override last week, and that attempt is scheduled for this afternoon, at 1:30 p.m.

:32                  “to override it”

The bill was aimed at allowing the county to use a combination of property tax support and the sales tax to pay for a more than $28 million civil judgment ordered against the county, for the wrongful conviction of six people in a 1985 murder and rape, in Beatrice.

The bill passed on final reading, by a 43-6 vote.  Since the veto, the governor’s staff has been visiting with some senators for their positions on the veto override, and Dorn is also maintaining discussions with his colleagues.

:36                  “on votes”

Governor Ricketts objected to the county being able to enact the sales tax with a two-thirds majority of the county board, rather than placing it up for a public vote.

Dorn says the bill, in effect, could ease some pressure on property tax payers by shortening the amount of time it takes to pay off the federal court judgment.

:47                  “to six-and-a-half years”

The level of valuation will factor into exactly how long it takes to pay off the judgment.  Once that happens, the sales tax is eliminated.

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