Veteran Finally Honored

NORFOLK – Those who serve their country don’t always get the recognition they deserve, Sgt. Lloyd Koerting, of Norfolk, finally did.

Serving in the Army from 1951 until 1953, most of his enlistment he spent as an infantryman fighting in the Korean War.

During his tour oversees Sgt. Koerting, like many others, selflessly put his life on the line.

Donna Koerting, his wife of 62 years, knows the sacrifice he made.

“They’re [soldiers] fighting for their country, a lot of people died for their country and they deserve every bit of applause or awards they can get.

Wounded twice during the Korean War, Sgt. Koerting, by definition, earned a Purple Heart, but in the many years after his service never physically received one. That was until Mrs. Koerting looked into the matter.

Mrs. Koerting contacted Veterans Service Officer Mark McCabe, who also feels that those who deserve military honors, should have just that.

He says, “[the] Purple Heart is a big deal, to me, it’s next to the Medal of Honor. I think that ever veteran, if they earned one, they by golly should receive one.”

Mark McCabe contacted Senator Deb Fischer’s office and Senator Fischer personally presented the medal to Sgt. Koerting and his family on Saturday.

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