USDA Announces Southeast Nebraska Grants, Loans

BEATRICE – The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Agency has announced grants for several southeast Nebraska communities or areas.

Johnson County Rural Water District number one will receive USDA funding totaling $1,123,000 to replace water mains, install new lines, replace a well pump and repaint a tower.  The funding comes in the form of a 40-year-loan, at an interest rate of about 3.37%.

The village of Hubbell will receive a $388,400 grant to help construct a new well, install water meters and replace two blocks of water main.   The money will be leveraged with other funding totaling $157,600.  The USDA funds include grant money and a $105,000 loan over 40 years, at a two-percent interest rate.

The village of Dorchester will receive USDA funding of $132,000, combining that with $100,000 in village funds, to purchase a 2017 ambulance.

The Pennsylvania Colony Historical Society of Nebraska is getting $2,000 in USDA funding to be used with nearly $3,800 in support from the historical society, to connect a house on its’ site to the Richardson County Rural Water District.  The society will also receive $5,100 in agency funding, leveraged with $9,950 from the society to renovate a barn on a historical site in Dawson, Nebraska.

The USDA funding comes from the Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant program….and the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant program.