Theresa Gabriel Resigns as County Treasurer, Supervisors Disappointed in Seeing Departure

COLUMBUS – Platte County Treasurer Theresa Gabriel is resigning from her position early, but says she feels she has accomplished what she came into office to do.

At Tuesday’s board meeting Gabriel submitted her letter of resignation, which was accepted by County Supervisors on a 6-0 vote. Gabriel says leaving now will provide her and her husband the opportunity to spend time together while they are still healthy and active.

Platte County Board Chairman Jerry Engdahl says, “I’d say we’re disappointed, but you know she has her reasons, and we move on. We have an interim and we will have a new treasurer.”

Gabriel says with her new found time, she and her husband will do some traveling, but says this resignation is not a retirement from work completely. Gabriel says she will continue to work with the Vocation Committee and Family Faith Formation at St. Bonaventure Church, in addition to working with various human rights groups.

“I’m really going to miss the people. These girls that I work with, the county officials, the other treasurers I see all the time, I was getting to know them really well. So yeah, it’s going to be different,” says Gabriel.

Deputy Treasurer Patti Renken will fill Gabriel’s position as the Interim Treasurer as county officials begin the hiring process for a new Treasurer. Gabreil says the date of her retirement continued to approach quicker and quicker, after she was able to find a new employee with a strong background in DMV and vehicle title experience.

“In the gospel of Mathew, Jesus says put the net over there, after they had been doing it there own way, and they put the net over there and this catch was so big, that it surprised them. It almost overwhelmed them. It was almost too much for them, and that’s kind of the way it’s been… It’s just falling together so perfectly, so quickly,” says Gabriel.

Gabriel’s resignation was accepted for her to vacate the position immediately, and supervisors will now have 45 days to hire a new treasurer to serve the remaining two year balance of her term.

With the hiring of the new employee, Gabriel was forced to retire now in order to stay under budget.

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