Testing For Interest in Cardboard Recycling

BEATRICE – Reluctant to mandate recycling of cardboard, the City of Beatrice will look at conducting a three-month experiment to find out if there is voluntary support to keep cardboard out of the landfill.

The Beatrice City Council, Monday night discussed Councilman Phil Cook’s desire to ban cardboard from the landfill and promote city-wide recycling of the material.

:26                  “we tried it”

Councilman Bob Morgan says he doesn’t think the city is ready to go to a mandatory recycling program.

:13                  “type of things”

Aside from a couple of large manufacturers who have cardboard picked up for recycling, officials say no significant amount of cardboard apparently is recycled or dumped at the local landfill.

Councilman Ted Fairbanks says if you go to a city-wide program, citizens must get something for it.

:16                  “at with it”

Mayor Stan Wirth suggested the experiment with recycling cardboard, to determine how much community interest is out there.

:14                  “fill it with trash”

The City of Lincoln uses containers that have a mail-like slot for dropping off cardboard, that seek to prevent using them to drop off garbage.  It appears the City of Beatrice will conduct a trial with a few roll-off containers in the city.  Locations will be determined by the city working in conjunction with its contracted garbage hauler.

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