Summer Pool Safety Key To Accidental Drownings

With summer here many people are enjoying time near water at lakes, water parks, and even back yard pools.  If you have children, water safety is key to preventing accidental drownings.  NCN’s Trevor Steinmeyer sat down with Blake and Kathy Collingsworth’s from Lincoln with a special pool safety reminder.

On a warm spring day in June of 2008 during a family gathering, the Collingsworth’s toddler son Joshua slipped out of sight for just a few short moments. He was quickly discovered in the backyard pool, unconscious and unresponsive.

While grieving of Joshua’s passing, Kathy and Blake wanted to do something in Joshua’s memory.   They wanted to share their message of what could have changed their circumstance that day.   They did just that by writing a children’s book called Josh The Baby Otter.

With the help of Rotary club, the books awareness went viral.   Josh The Baby Otter is known in all 50 states, 4 countries,  its written in 12 different languages, and even has a free app.    While the success of the children’s book has been great they know that getting their tips and message out there is the key to prevention.

For more information, resources, or how to get involved with Josh The Baby Otter Water Safety & Awareness Project visit


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