Students At Platte Center Elementary Get An Everyday Idea of Visual Impairment

PLATTE CENTER – Visual impairment is something Platte Center Elementary School students have learned about.

Mikayla Loseke is a third grader at Platte Center who is visually impaired. The School faculty educated Loseke’s classmates to give them a better understanding of what it is to be visually impaired.

“They’re walking around seeing what life is like in Mikayla’s shoes today,” Mikayla’s mother Katie Loseke shared. “They have a bunch of different stations set up for the kids to participate using canes, pouring a glass of water, getting popcorn, even finding a ball is so hard it’s different. Life is different. ”

The stations set up also exposed students to feel how it is to play a board game, read a book, walk the hallways and everything Mikayla is exposed to when she attends school.

“It’s really awesome to see all the kids getting excited and participating,” Loseke added. “The school’s support is so awesome, I almost wanted to cry when I walked in and saw all the kids with blindfolds on. I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

Every single student participated in this activity on Thursday and every staff member was a part of it too.

Loseke said this has been a life changing experience, but having the support from the school and having a staff that is willing to work with her daughter everyday means a lot not only to her, but Mikayla as well.

“It’s awesome to see how they are teaching the other kids compassion and how to understand people who are a little bit different. She’s the same as them she just learns in a different way and sees in a different way,” Loseke explained. “She sees through her cane and through her fingers instead of through her eyes.”

The activity was an all-day idea and the students had people who work with Mikayla explain Mikayla’s activities in every classroom.


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