Still Time Left, to Visit Beatrice Farmers Market

BEATRICE – Wet weather has done plenty to hamper events in southeast Nebraska in recent days, including attendance at the weekly Farmers Market in Beatrice last night.  But, Main Street Beatrice Executive Director Michael Sothan says there’s still a lot of time to buy fresh items and homemade goods this season.

The weekly Thursday night, four p.m. to six-30 event at 8th and Court will run through the second week in October.

:11                  “the crops, a lot”

With the higher than normal precipitation this year, Sothan says that’s extended the season on some types of produce and shortened it for others.

:20                  “the market”

The final Beatrice Farmers Market will be October 11th, near the typical frost date for this area.  The event this year has drawn vendors from across the region.

:19                  “Beatrice, of course”

For more than five years, the market has been located at the southeast corner of 8th and Court.

:15                  “our location”

One of the highlights to watch for in the remaining weeks of the Farmers Market season…a Wisconsin company plans to bring their home-produced maple syrup to the market, on Thursday, September 20th.

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