State Trooper Alerts Couple Riding In Burning Truck

NEBRASKA CITY – An off-duty state trooper flagged down a burning pickup truck pulling a camper trailer west of Nebraska City Monday and joined the driver using fire extinguishers until flames overwhelmed the vehicles.

The driver, 52-year-old Rodney Niedfeld,  had been to the NASCAR races in Kansas City, Kan., over the weekend. He and his wife were headed back to Lincoln, when the troopers with carrier enforcement  out of Waverly drove up beside them on Highway 2 and alerted them to the fire.


Niedfeld said he could see the officers’ uniforms and thought he was being pulled over. Once stopped, he could see flames beneath the rear end of the truck. It was difficult to extinguish because it had caught the spare tire on fire and Niedfeld said the contents in the bed of the truck also ignited.

Niedfeld: “We were trying to get it unhooked, but the flames got too vicious too fast, so we decided to get out there.”

No one was injured, but the truck was destroyed and the front of the camper was melted.

Niedfeld thanked the state patrol for helping ensure no one was injured.