Senators Debate Bill For Property Tax Relief, Through School Aid

Senators Debate Bill For Property Tax Relief, Through School Aid
Senator Mike Groene

LINCOLN – Nebraska lawmakers spent nearly all of Tuesday morning debating a North Platte Senator’s bill to lessen the property tax burden, through the funding formula for schools.

Senator Mike Groene proposed LB 640, which focuses on capping total revenue raised from property taxes, lowering the maximum levy in equalized school districts from $1.05, to about a dollar, and providing funding through a transfer from the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund.

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Senator Tom Briese, of Albion has favored using revenue from other sources to provide property tax relief.

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State Senator Dr. Roy Baker, of Lincoln, is a retired school superintendent.  Baker offered a motion Tuesday morning to bracket LB 640, or effectively kill it for this session.  Baker said he’s not comfortable with what the bill would do.

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Senator Burke Harr, of Omaha, said any attempt to restructure Nebraska’s tax system will pick winners and losers.

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Senators recessed for a midday break without a vote on advancing the bill from first round.  Senator Groene maintains his measure would provide long range tax equity in school funding and would help eliminate the effect of property valuation inflation.

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