Sen. Fischer Would ‘Not Have Done’ What Trump, Jr. Did

Sen. Fischer Would ‘Not Have Done’ What Trump, Jr. Did
Sen. Fischer at Omaha Town Hall

Omaha, NE—

Sen. Deb Fischer is distancing herself from one of the Trumps: President Donald Trump’s son.

In year-old emails made public this week Donald Trump, Jr. said he would “love” the idea of meeting with a Russian lawyer to get information Donald Trump, Sr. could use against Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential campaign.

Donald Trump, Jr.

“I would not have done what (Donald Trump, Jr.) did,” Fischer said today when asked during a conference call with Nebraska reporters.

At the same time Fischer, who is up for re-election next year, refused to directly criticize President Trump for calling the special prosecutor’s Russia investigation a “witch hunt.”

Both Fischer and Trump are Republicans:

News Channel Nebraska: Do you agree it is a witch hunt?

Sen. Fischer: I believe the special prosecutor is going to be and probably currently is gathering information. He’s doing his investigation. I believe we all should give him time to do that investigation and allow also the Senate Intelligence Committee to do their investigation with Russia’s role in the last election and see what they determine.

News Channel Nebraska: So you think it is not a witch hunt then?

Sen. Fischer: I think I answered your question Joe; that I think it is important to let the special prosecutor to do his investigation and then present us with the results.

News Channel Nebraska: Do you think the President does a disservice by calling it a witch hunt?

Sen. Fischer: I’m not going to comment and judge what the President says on it.

Fischer says Russia did try to “influence the minds” of American voters but adds there has been no evidence that any individual votes were effected.

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