Selling City Property Remains, “Case by Case”

BEATRICE – Beatrice City Government will continue to look at each separate case when it comes to selling city-owned property.

The Beatrice City Council Monday night briefly discussed whether some formula should be established for setting prices on city property.  When property sales were more frequent in the 1980s and 1990s, a formula was established at the recommendation of a councilman. City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says now, each case is examined on its own, considering the assessed real estate value.

Council President David “Pede” Catlin says a blanket policy may not work.

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Tempelmeyer says having a set policy would make it easier to set prices when city property is sold to private hands.  Councilman Bob Morgan says the current method does put some pressure on city administration.

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Mayor Stan Wirth says maintenance of the property, what it takes for city staff to manage the land and whether it can be developed, could also be factors in its’ price.

:20                  “to get rid of it”

For now, city officials will consider sale of publicly-owned property on a case-by-basis.

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