Ricketts on Controversial Trump Trade Plans: ‘The President Gets It.’

Omaha, NE.–Given Gov. Pete Ricketts’ built in re-election advantages—especially campaign cash and the “R” after his name in one of the country’s reddest states—you have to wonder what, if anything, can derail his re-election.

Yes, there is the property tax issue and Democrat Bob Krist is doing what he can—without a lot of campaign cash—to hang those taxes around the governor’s political neck.

But a key Republican source, one with a close eye on the economy and a Ricketts backer, raises another scenario—one that has nothing to do with Krist—and it goes like this:

The possibility that Trump tariff’s will backfire and come this fall, heading into Election Day, conservative farmers and ranchers—a key backbone of Nebraska’s GOP—will see a bottom line bottoming out—and take out their anti-Trump concerns on Mr. Ricketts. After all Ricketts has been careful not to criticize President Trump’s trade plans.

In addition, in comments to News Channel Nebraska, Ricketts has gone a step further, insisting when it comes to trade and tariffs, “The President gets it.”

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