Public Awareness of Scams, Improving

BEATRICE – An investigator with the Gage County Sheriff’s Office says telephone and online scams are becoming more frequent, but public awareness about the dangers involved is also growing.

Investigator Tim Hanson says publicity about such scams is helping inform the public to be wary about someone is trying to cheat you out of money, or gain personal financial information.  Still, Hanson says some have been victimized locally for a lot of money….as much as $30,000.

:44                  “make any sense”

Hanson urges caution when being contacted by phone or the internet, and to never feel reluctant to call the sheriff’s office, when something seems too good to be true, or is suspicious.

:31                  “it’s a scam”

Scams can take many forms, but Hanson says one that officers are seeing more frequently are contacts where the scammer says they’re from the Internal Revenue Service.   Sometimes, a caller says a person’s social security number has been suspended.   The scam seeks to get the victim to give up personal information.

:34                  “a gift card”

The investigator says the phone or internet scams are difficult to solve, because the most originate out-of-state…often outside U.S. borders.  Occasionally, federal authorities working in conjunction with local law enforcement departments will solve a case.

:12                  “was shut down”

Hanson says the best plan is to be vigilant about the potential of being affected by a scam.

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