Otoe Man Trapped Overnight As Pickup Plunges Into Creek Bed

OTOE – Syracuse Fire and Rescue rescued 49-year-old Donald Meyer of Otoe Wednesday after an overnight accident left him trapped in his pickup truck.

Sheriff’s deputies say a motorist noticed the Chevrolet pickup below the bridge on Road F where recent rainfall was running in a tributary of the North Branch of the Little Nemaha River.

It appears the man was westbound on F Road, but went into the ditch after crossing the intersection of 38 Road.
The truck smashed into the west embankment of the creek bed, causing air bag deployment. A 4×4 ATV in the bed of the truck went over the cab of the truck and rolled ahead of the truck.

Syracuse fire and rescue was dispatched at 9:51 a.m. and began extrication procedures.  The roof of the truck was cut off and the man lifted out of the cab and up the creek bank on stretcher.

He was taken from the truck moments after a Star Care helicopter landed in a field nearby at 11 a.m.

Meyer reportedly talked to the first motorists who found him, but transported in serious condition.