One of the Largest National Guard Reunions Takes Place In Fairbury

FAIRBURY – For the 3rd time Veterans from the Fairbury units of the National Guard Company C & D got together for a reunion.  Guest speakers of the event were John Hilgert, Director of Nebraska Veterans Affairs, Jefferson County Commissioner Lt. Col. Mark Shoenrock, and Senator Tom Brewer.

Even though Lt. Col Shoenrock wasn’t a part of the Fairbury unit, he grew up in Fairbury and says events like these are important for veterans to get together.

“Those of us that have served in the military share a common bond or sacrfice and experiences of the general population have never had and have a hard time relating to.  It’s a special time for us to be together, its a special bond that we share so events like these that are very important.”

Senator Tom Brewer, who retired after 36 years in the military says Fairbury holds a special place in his heart.

“My career started here in Fairbury, I was a young lieutenant, just out of of ranger school.  My first assignment was heavy mortar platoon leader in Fairbury, so a lot of the faces you see inside are people that I had done a lot of training exercises with.  That’s what today’s about to tell the story of what they did.  These guys did what we asked of them, they stood ready, and I will always be grateful for the group that I had that got me on the path to be a better officer.”

Brewer serves as the current senator for the 43rd Legislative District, a big area of northwest Nebraska and says the Legislature could learn something from his life in the military.

“What you do in the military is you lead people to accomplish missions.  You focus on goals and I think if we did more of that in the legislature instead of this in-fighting and back stabbing that you see we could be a lot more successful.”

Over 170 people attended the reunion on Saturday making it one of the largest National Guard reunions in the State of Nebraska.

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