Oktoberfest Brings New Attraction to Beatrice this Weekend

BEATRICE – Around the world communities celebrate the German traditions of Oktoberfest. This year Beatrice will be joining in on the celebrations. On October 8th people can come to Chautauqua Park and enjoy different fall beers, local bands, and good food.

Executive Director of the Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce Lora Young says while they have no plans of taking away any kid oriented events they were looking for a way to add events geared more for the adults in the community.

“A lot of people go to Lincoln and we just want to capture that audience and bring them back here and our band has a great following and we really want people to understand that we can do that quality of entertainment here in Beatrice. It’s like ‘Why not? Why not come do the small town? Why not stay home for an event?’ So we just really wanted to showcase Beatrice.”

The night’s festivities include a beer tasting from 4 to 6 p.m. which will consist of a variety of fall brews from both Budweiser and Miller Brewing Companies. Young says they will have both traditional beers and seasonal options.

“Beer tasting we are just going to do from 4 to 6 so if you just want to taste the different types of beers and do the tasting you need to come early. We are using both Miller and Budweiser products. We’ve already had a pretesting here with some of us in the office and some of the committee members. So we are looking at some fall specialty beers, I think there is a peanut butter beer that is coming and I know we are bringing a grapefruit beer, there is going to be a couple different types of Oktoberfest type beers. We are looking at about five or six of those different varieties that we will have for the tasting and on tap. Bud, Bud Lite, Miller, Miller Lite, I’m not exactly sure of all the names yet but we will have all of those.”

Live music from Skalak Band, 35th and Taylor and headliner Judd Hoos. The event will also feature a Stein Holding contest.

“One of the other fun activities we are going to have throughout the night is we are going to have a men and women’s contest. It’s a stein holding contest. It’s a $10 entry fee and when you enter you get one of these mugs and we are going to fill it full of beer for you and then you have to hold it straight out in front of you and the person that can hold it the longest wins and there is a little prize money at the end. We are going to have the women’s contest between the polka band and 35th and Taylor and the men’s contest will be between 35th and Taylor and the Judd Hoos [Band]. So come out and see how strong you are and how much beer you can hold. Women you only have to hold one of these men, you have to hold two.”

While they hope to attract ages 18 and older you have to be 21 or older to drink beer. There is a $20 fee to enter the event which will go from 4 to 11:30 p.m. Saturday October 8th.

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