NPPD Welcomes News Channel Nebraska to Be Lineworker for a Day

Wind, cold, raining, snow, mud up to your knees, it just depends what it is, but you gotta go out and do your job.

- Tyler Mundhenke, Line Technician on Transmission - NPPD

YORK – The NPPD held a special demonstration for media members at their York Operations Center on Tuesday morning, giving News Channel Nebraska the opportunity to climb poles, check wires and do all that lineworkers get to do on a day to day basis.

“It’s important that people are getting the electricity they are expecting when they flip their switch on, and these are the guys that make that happen. They’re out in bad weather. When a lot of people are saying don’t go out, they’re the ones that are out there. I think they take a lot of pride in that. I think it’s good for people to know that these people are well trained and well respected in the work that they do, especially from the district,” said Supervisor for Corporate Media and Media Services at NPPD, Mark Becker.

Everything was discussed throughout the morning, including climbing poles, operating machinery and plenty of safety tips.

“Well, first and foremost, it’s safety. You have all the safety procedures that we have. We follow them to the T. When we do the job, we have our other colleagues. You have good tailgates, good communication, just use your tools and check them over, work together as a team,” exclaimed Kevin Mundhenke, Senior Line Tech in O’Neil.

It sometimes goes unnoticed how much work and effort goes into all that these lineworkers do. After three hours of work, News Channel Nebraska now understands. Whenever there is a line down, or anything needing serviced these line workers go out, no matter the weather.

“Wind, cold, raining, snow, mud up to your knees, it just depends what it is, but you gotta go out and do your job,” stated Line Technician on Transmission, Tyler Mundhenke.

Whether the weather is bad or a squirrel got curious, the NPPD does their best to get on the scene as quickly as possible to make sure everyone’s electricity is ready in no time.

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