NPPD Urges Safety Around Downed Power Lines Amidst Severe Weather Season

COLUMBUS – NPPD is urging safety around downed power lines as severe weather season approaches.

Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 25th-30th and NPPD is hoping residents will prepare for the possible dangers of downed power lines during this time.

“We are impacted by the weather year round, but springtime is the riskiest and you never know what will happen as conditions change,” said NPPD’s Director of Delivery Art Wiese. “A prime example was last June when straight line winds measuring well over 80 miles per hour did extensive damage to the Plattsmouth community, flattening trees and damaging the electric distribution system.”

High winds and damaged trees can often come down on power distribution lines, and can sometimes cause outages for whole communities.

“We urge the public to stay away from downed power lines and poles, consider them to be live, and do not attempt to move them,” Wiese pointed out. “It is important to allow trained lineman from NPPD or other public power utilities to safely move any power lines to avoid the possibility of electrocution,”

Officials also say motorists should avoid driving over a downed power line, as it could be live and cause severe damage. If you are inside a vehicle that a power line falls on top of, officials say you should remain inside the vehicle until a professional can remove the wire.

Officials say if a fire, or other condition, forces you to leave the vehicle. You should jump clear of the vehicle landing on both feet at the same time, and then shuffle your feet on the ground until you are roughly 20 feet further than when you landed.

NPPD officials say their crews are always ready to respond, in the wake of severe weather.

“We have to first determine the extent of damage, bring in the necessary crews, and then begin the work of restoration,” he added.  Plattsmouth was almost fully restored 48 hours after the event.



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