NASA Lands at Homestead National Monument

BEATRICE – With the solar eclipse approaching, workers from NASA are making their way to Beatrice. That includes Maurice Henderson.

“I’ve been here for a day. It’s been a wonderful first day. I’m looking forward to the whole experience, but everyone’s been wonderful. It’s been a really nice introduction into Nebraska.”

The Planning Engineer for Science on a Sphere was on site at the Homestead National Monument on Thursday, which is one of the NASA Viewing Sites for the solar eclipse.

“My plans for the entire event is to prepare Science on a Sphere to tell the story, using the visualization system developed by NOAA for a whole variety of activities that we are going to do with school groups, with visitors and with people that are coming through. This is so that they can learn the safety aspects, as well as the science and the physics of the solar eclipse.”

According to the Homestead National Monument website, Science On a Sphere (SOS) is a spherical projection system that presenters use for high-resolution video on a globe rather than a flat screen.

Like the entire Beatrice community and surrounding areas, Henderson has been hard at work on the eclipse for awhile now.

“I’ve been preparing content for a couple of months that we would use to explain on Science on a Sphere of some of the effects that are going on. Some of the ways that the relationship between the sun, the moon and the earth will play out during the eclipse, so that people can see it almost in real time in a practice mode, and then really understand what’s happened.”

Homestead will be hosting numerous employees from NASA during the solar eclipse.

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