Madison County Family Involved in 4-H for Generations

MADISON — Involvement in 4-H spans generations for this Northeast Nebraska family.

Larry Werner of Meadow Grove was in 4-H years ago.

“Started out with horses, and they had one little fat heifer called Baby Jane. And them we went into horses and did the horses. That’s been 50 years ago.”

In the 50 years since, Werner and his wife, Vicky, watched their own kids show at fairs.

“We raised all of our own livestock that the kids showed. Then if you win, you showed you did a little accomplishment instead of going out and buying the critters and showing them that way.”

With a history of 4-H in the family, it’s no surprise that 10 of the Werner’s grandkids showed livestock at the Madison County Fair as part of Newman Grove 4-H.

“They’re all showing beef. They got started because mom and dads were all in 4-H and had a good experience, so now they’re having their kids do it too.”

Larry Werner says his grandkids and the other kids who are in 4-H are learning valuable life lessons.

“Responsibility is a big part of it. Teaching the kids to work, and teaching them to do the work instead of you doing it for them.”

For the Werner’s, 4-H has become a way for the family to spend time together.

“When they go to meetings, you think oh my, they’re going to learn all this stuff, but parents learn as well. It’s such a family thing. We’re all together and out there, washing and scrubbing and showing them and teaching them.”

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