Kube Running For Legislature on Business Background

CROFTON, NE — Keith Kube had no intention of entering the political world until a friend said, “You’re always complaining about this, why don’t you something about it?”

So the Republican and Crofton-native filed at the last minute and ran against incumbent Tyson Larson for District 40’s legislative seat in 2014.  He came in second, but in 2018 Larson is term limited and Kube is giving it another shot.

He says his experience in problem solving is what makes him right for the Unicameral.

“As it stands right now, the ability to identify the problem is the biggest problem,” Kube said.  “Most government bureaucracies always try to address the symptom because if they solve the problem they would be out of a job.”

Kube has an engineering degree and has worked for energy companies but the recent chapter of his professional career is in investment banking and management consulting.  

He says he has a simple criteria for analyzing legislation.  A bill or law must be fair, truthful, have sustainability and have integrity.

“So that ability, of which I used in my business world, is what I would like to bring,” Kube said.  “As it stands those things need to be brought out forward and center in order to get any problems solved.”

Kube says the greatest problem facing Nebraskans is the high cost of property taxes.  He says he doesn’t support any of the proposals currently in the legislature because they are band-aid fixes and don’t address the fundamental unfairness of the tax structure.

“The tax situation should be that everybody put their net worth on the table and then we’ll tax everybody fairly,” Kube said.  “Until that’s addressed, that unfairness is going to be problematic until you’re literally going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg in the state.”

Kube is also a professional musician and is involved in the Crofton Community Club.  There are three other candidates running in District 40.  The primary election is on May 15th.

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