Johnson County History Restored

TECUMSEH – Back in 2008, the building people referred to as the “Cornerstone” was doomed for destruction. The roof was sitting in the basement and it was in pretty bad condition. Thankfully, there were some people in the community that decided to donate money so that the building could be resurrected instead of torn down.

There were two volunteers that came in to do all of the construction, and at that time they were hopeful that somebody would buy the building so that they could have another business in town. That didn’t seem to work out so they ended up donating it to the Johnson County Historical Society, who made it into a museum.

The East side of the building is predominantly the history of Johnson County, starting with the Native Americans. The West side is about military and high school sports in Johnson County.

The Historical Society does events such as “Monday Nights at the Museum” in the Fall for its members and also anyone who’s interested in learning more about history. One of the historical society’s members mother was on the orphan train, so last year they had him do a presentation about the orphan train.

The Johnson County Museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. You can also make an appointment by calling (402) 853-3614.

If you are ever in Tecumseh, stop by and learn more about the history of Johnson County. You may be surprised at what you find. In the meantime, the Johnson County Historical Society is going to continue its mission to “save the past to build for the future.”