Inside Beatrice: City Council Member Bob Morgan

BEATRICE – As we approach election season some Beatrice City Council members terms are coming to an end, while others are only half-way through their term. Beatrice City Council Member Bob Morgan is serving for the first time and says it came as a way to serve a community he has enjoyed since 2003.

“Well, I’ve been in Beatrice since 2003, strongly believe in the community and felt like it was time to step up to the plate and at least serve the community for my civic duties to Beatrice.”

Morgan says that serving the community was different than he expected.

“There are some days you wonder why you maybe ran, then there’s other days you really appreciate the fact you did run. I think, until you serve you really don’t quite get a full grasp of what it takes. Not only to be on the city council but what it takes for the city to operate.”

He says the economic development that is coming to Beatrice has been his favorite part of the job so far.

“Well, I think, one of the biggest parts I think is really exciting is the economic development. The fact that we now have a new industry coming to town and a number of small industries that have surfaced and I think it is an exciting time for Beatrice. For me it’s those small wins we have for the community.”

There are some changes he would like to see in the community in the next two years as he finishes out his term.

“I believe that we need to take a strong look at our downtown. We will hopefully get some revitalization coming from the fact that it’s a historic downtown now and I think there are some really strong possibilities to make it some type of entertainment center or business center. You don’t really want to have your downtown to continue to maybe have a few gaps in the buildings. I think revitalization of Beatrice is going to be really, really exciting ”

The Beatrice City Council is broken into four wards that consist of two representatives for each ward. Morgan is one representative for ward one and shares this area with Beatrice City Council Member Phil Cook.

“What would be the south part of Beatrice. It goes basically down to the south Caseys, both north and south and goes up to about Market Street.”

Morgan says there were a few things he didn’t expect while serving the community.

“First of all, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. One of the things I think probably hold true is some of the smaller things that really get people excited, either in a positive or negative way, sometimes the big ticket item that your going to discuss we don’t have a lot of people there saying ‘hey, gee, how do you want to spend money.’ So that was somewhat of a surprise. I think the other overall surprise was the fact that I had the full realization and appreciation for the other seven city council members. Maybe I don’t always agree with them but they are on the city council serving the community and a number of them have been there for a while or have made a strong commitment. Their dedication, because it does take dedication to be on the council. So I appreciate their efforts.”

Part of Morgan’s responsibilities include three city council meetings a month and being available to take calls from members of his ward.

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