Inside Beatrice: Citations

BEATRICE – When local law enforcement does their job, a result is people have to pay fines for breaking the law. When people pay those citations some of that money goes into the schools. Superintendent Pat Nauroth says Beatrice Public Schools received around $146,000 last year from citation money. That money is used for general upkeep around the schools.

“Beatrice Public Schools includes all of the elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school. Other schools that would have at least portions of their land or school district in Gage County could be Freeman, could be Diller-Odell, Tri-County and they would get a proportional share just like Beatrice Public Schools do.”

Nauroth says being unaware of the law is what has caused people to not know about where the money goes.

“Most people when they pay their fines or license fee, pay those either to the county or to the city. Well, if you aren’t aware of the law you really aren’t aware of where that money goes. You just assume it’s going to the county or its going to the fish and game department or it’s going to the roads department and some of that money probably does go there but there are portions of some of those fines and license fees at go directly, or a portion of it go directly to school districts.”

Although people may not be aware of where the money goes Nauroth says he thinks it’s a good thing to help the schools this way.

“Well, it’s a benefit from the stand point it’s just one more resource that comes in that offsets, a little bit, property taxes. It offsets some of the other ways we have to look to fund schools and a big way we fund schools in Nebraska is through property tax.”

If you speed and get pulled over, or run a stop sign and end up with a citation from a member of local law enforcement, that citation must be paid and some of that money gets put into the school system.