Habitat for Humanity Wanting Land to be Tax Exempt by County

COLUMBUS – The Columbus Habitat for Humanity is asking for a permissive exemption from the county on 9 lots they currently posses.

Habitat for Humanities Director Lori Peters appeared before the Platte County Board of Equalization on Tuesday to request the exemption.

Non-profits receive exemptions on land, if they meet certain criteria. Platte County Assessor Tom Placzek says the county can’t legally allow the exemption because the land is not currently being used for non-profit activities.

Peters asked that the county provide the exemption because the land will be used when the non-profit group builds houses on them. Peters says they have been building one house a year, and plan to start building two houses a year.

Both cited previous court cases, backing their legal opinions in the case. Deputy Platte County Attorney Elizabeth Law said she believed they would not legally be allowed to give Habitat for Humanity the exemption, because they do not meet the current use requirement, but asked that she have time to review the documents Habitat brought to the board meeting, before making a suggestion to the county board.

Peters stated that Habitats for Humanity in Grand Island, Fremont, and Omaha all received exemptions from their county boards.

The issue was tabled until the board meets again on May 1st.


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