‘Green Team’ Encourages Falls City to Recycle on ‘America Recycles Day’

FALLS CITY – After presidential proclamation, United States residents are encouraged to do their part and recycle on Tuesday.

A few Falls City residents are also trying to boost the town’s recycling effort year-round.

Tuesday, November 15th, marks ‘America Recycles Day’ and all across the country, citizens are helping to conserve recyclable material. But, there is also a local effort that is trying to drive the movement.

The ‘Green Team’ in Falls City hosted a reception at the library that celebrated the recycling holiday. They had displays that informed the public on just what kind of materials they can recycle.

One of the members, R.J. Hamilton of Hamilton Recycling and Disposal, says the day was all about making the public more comfortable about their effort.

“Just to know that we are here in Falls City, providing a positive environmental impact and making a way so that everybody can recycle,” says Hamilton.

The informative displays said that only number one and two plastics can be recycled in Falls City, but that those two types are the majority of household plastics.

While saying Falls City could improve it’s recycling, Hamilton thinks it has gotten better.

“We got a long we can grow, but I think we are taking the right steps to go in the right direction,” says Hamilton.

Also on display was a new steel bin, that was made at the Hamilton Recycling facility, and will be placed at the Community Medical Center in Falls City. The bin, which was partially funded by grant money, will allow residents to easily recycle in town. Hamilton said that the large container will likely go up at the hospital later on Tuesday.

He also said one reason recycling has improved in the community, is that they are working with the schools to start the kids recycling early.

“We pushed for the kids to do it and they go home and encourage their families to recycle. Definitely in the last two years we’ve really had an increase in what we accept down there, just stuff that people have brought down there, different materials,” says Hamilton.

If you are interested in recycling or have questions on what you can recycle, contact Hamilton Recycling in Falls City.

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