Governor Declines Comment on Tecumseh Prison Uprising Investigation

LINCOLN –  Governor Pete Ricketts declined comment today on the status of the investigation into the recent deaths of two inmates, in an uprising at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.

During a news conference, Ricketts deferred answering questions while the Nebraska Department of Corrections Director and Nebraska State Patrol investigate the incident.

Ricketts contends that the response to the such incidents has improved.

:30                  “we can improve”

Ricketts called improving the justice system a three-branch effort, between the administration, legislature and judiciary.

:18                  “corrections system”

Ricketts said progress has been made in the areas of pay and training, programming and space for inmates, and changes in sentencing guidelines.

Ricketts expressed his opposition to LB 447, which would relax mandatory minimum sentences for some felony convictions.  He said those getting sentences that carry mandatory minimums are dangerous people who have committed crimes before, and must be incarcerated.

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