GOP Touts Video Accusing Krist of ‘Heavy Drinking,’ But NCN Review Shows No Obvious Drinking

Omaha, NE.—Democrat Bob Krist and the Nebraska Republican Party have found something to agree on.

Both want you to see three videos of governor hopeful Krist, a total of 2-minutes and 29 seconds released by the GOP.

It’s the latest fallout from the scandal involving Republican State Auditor Charlie Janssen who admits to excessive drinking during normal work hours.

The Krist campaign says the videos, which according to Team Krist show “nothing,” are proof that, “Gov. Ricketts has sunk to a new low in Nebraska politics. This is a desperate attack by a failing Governor.

The GOP says Krist’s nickname is “Tequila Bob” adding the videos come to one conclusion: “Nebraska voters deserve to know the facts surrounding Sen. Krist’s drinking habits.”

News Channel Nebraska has examined the videos which, according to the GOP, were shot last spring at Billy’s Restaurant down the street from the Nebraska State Capitol.

Here’s what NCN found:

Video 1: Krist and fellow State Sen. Burke Harr are sitting across from each other talking. In the 1-minute and nine seconds Krist never takes a drink…of anything.

Video 2: Krist is behind a bar and it’s not clear what he’s doing (the GOP says he’s pouring himself “another drink.”) But he walks away and out of camera shot never taking a drink…of anything…in the 29 seconds of video.

Video 3: Krist is walking to his car and puts what appears to be a cup on the roof as he opens the back door, takes off his jacket and places the jacket inside. He then takes the item off the top of the car, opens the driver door, gets inside and drives off. In the 51 seconds of video there is no clear view of Krist taking a drink…of anything.

You can see the videos (up above) for yourself.

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