Gage County Weed Control Program Scores Well With State

Gage County Weed Control Program Scores Well With State
Paul Moyer, Nebraska Department of Agriculture

BEATRICE – A Nebraska Department of Agriculture official who works with county weed control departments, says Gage County’s Weed Control effort is showing improvement.

Paul Moyer says the county weed control department, led by Becky Borgman, logged a total point score in 2017 of 2,870 out of 3,400…up 312 points from the year before, based on a state scoring system.

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Moyer says county weed control programs in Nebraska are scored in the areas of inspections, surveys and follow-ups, office operation and paperwork, county reports and continuing education.

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Moyer says county weed control departments have the enforcement authority to control noxious weeds in a county…not state government.  The Agriculture Department simply oversees such programs and provides training.

Moyer says fighting the impact of noxious weeds is important, and if not controlled, can have a significant economic impact.  He gave as one example, phragmites. 

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Moyer says while there are about a dozen noxious weeds declared in Nebraska, there’s probably another hundred species that are on a watch list. 

He says grant money of nearly $500,000 was available this past year from the State Agriculture Department to aid in fighting noxious weeds, and there are other state program sources.

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