Gage County Elected Officials Pay, Set For Next Four-Year Term

BEATRICE – The Gage County Board has set salaries for the next four-year term, granting a first-year raise to elected positions of 6.5%, and 3% raises for each of the final three years of the term.

The supervisors amended the salary resolution to establish board of supervisor pay increases at 3%, each of the four years….2019 through 2022.

The salary resolution is expected to move the county toward a mid-point of similar-sized counties in Nebraska.  The vote on the salary resolution was 4-2.  A Nebraska Association of County Officials comparison has been used, as a guide.  Supervisor Gary Lytle urged caution, saying the county needs to be as conservative, as possible.

:26                  “think about this”

For county clerk, assessor, register of deeds, treasurer and clerk of district court, the 2019 salary would start at $62,769….rising to $68,590 in the final year of the term.  The sheriff would make $77,931 in the first year of the term, rising to $85,157 in the fourth year.   The county attorney’s annual pay in 2019 would be $94,149….increasing to $102,879 in the final year of the term.   A Gage County supervisor, under the amended resolution, would make $24,289 in 2019, rising to $26,541 the final year of the term.

Gage County Attorney Roger Harris defended the county in being frugal with its’ budget, but said it also should keep “the best and brightest” working for the county.

:18                  “and catch up”

Board member Dennis Byars spoke in support of the raises contained in the resolution.

:18                  “very fair”

Supervisor John Hill, who voted for the amended salary resolution, had favored basing the salaries in the final two years’ of the term, on the consumer price index.

An initial amendment to lower county supervisor increases to 1.5% for each of the four years, failed to muster support.  That was offered by Board member, Lytle.

Officials pointed out that county elected officials are responsible for their offices, and that work commonly exceeds the 40 hours traditional work week.  Gage County Assessor Patti Milligan felt county elected officials were not asking for “anything out of the ordinary”.

:29                  “the same”

Gage County funds single health care coverage for employees and elected officials under a self-insurance plan.   That’s a reduction from several years ago, when the county funded family coverage.

Board members voting in support of the amended salary resolution were Erich Tiemann, Dennis Byars, John Hill and Terry Jurgens.  Voting no were Chairman Myron Dorn and Gary Lytle.  Supervisor Matt Bauman was absent from Wednesday’s meeting.

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