Former Police Officer Representing Himself During Jury Trial

Former Police Officer Representing Himself During Jury Trial
Stanly D. Colby

FAIRBURY – Former Fairbury Police Officer Stanly D. Colby, 43, of Fairbury is facing charges of Strangulation and Domestic Assault Resulting in Injury.

The trial began on Tuesday with jury selection being conducted throughout the morning, and by 1:00 p.m. opening statements were given. Colby is legally representing himself in this case, and stated to the jury that he had worked over 15 years in law enforcement and would “know if (he) had committed a crime.”

According to court documents, Colby is alleged to have had an argument with former girlfriend Joy Storm, on September 18, 2015 at his residence. While arguing, Colby reportedly “grabbed her by the throat and threw her against a door.”

Also reported in those documents, on September 22, 2015, Storm expressed concerns in an interview with the Fairbury Police Department that she believed Colby was “having mental problems and had stopped taking his medications.”

Storm took the stand as the state’s first witness on Tuesday afternoon. She was asked to explain the alleged incident that occurred on September 18, 2015. According to her testimony, the supposed altercation began after Storm had asked Colby to tend to the dogs while she went to work. Colby was apparently leaving for North Platte to visit family .

Storm told jurors that after Colby had physically harmed her, she managed to to take two digital photos of her injuries via her cellphone while running out and around the residence. Members of the jury were shown these photos on Tuesday.

Legally representing himself, Colby was able to cross-examine his former girlfriend. He asked if Storm had rubbed her own neck to give it the “red appearance” as shown in the photos, and if she had lied or made the physical altercation up to police. Storm answered no to both questions.

Other witnesses called by the state on Tuesday included Sgt. Brett Wentz from the Fairbury Police Department. It was made clear to jurors by the prosecution and the defense that Colby knew Wentz and had worked with him previously.

Wentz testified that he had interviewed Storm and then collected the photos she had taken of her injuries via text message to his cell phone after emailing the photos had failed. Wentz stated that due to conflict of interest, he met with County Attorney Jeffrey Goltz where the investigation was then turned over to the Nebraska State Patrol.

At one point during Colby’s cross examination of Wentz, Colby asked “You’ve known me for 30 years right? Have you ever known me to pick a fight or harm anybody?” The question was objected to by the prosecution.

The trial is scheduled to resume on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.


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