Former Fairbury Police Officer Found Guilty of Domestic Assault

Former Fairbury Police Officer Found Guilty of Domestic Assault
Stanly D. Colby

FAIRBURY – A jury found former Fairbury Police Officer Stanly D. Colby guilty of 3rd Degree Domestic Assault on Wednesday evening. However, Colby was found not guilty on the charge of Strangulation, a class 3A felony.

The state brought in more witnesses to testify throughout Wednesday morning, including Stanly Colby and Joy Storm’s former counselor, Bob Troyer.

Troyer is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and had known the former couple since May of 2013. Troyer testified to jurors that Storm called him three times on September 18, 2015 and placed one phone call to him around 7:35 a.m. shortly after the alleged strangulation occurred.

Troyer claimed Storm seemed stressed and fearful during the 7:35 a.m. phone call, and had told Troyer that Colby had “strangled her against a door.” Troyer told jurors he had advised Storm to report the incident to police immediately.

Legally representing himself, Colby was able to cross-examine his former counselor. Colby asked Troyer to reflect on his time spent with the former couple and explain the definitions of “controlling behavior” and “denial” in reference to how Storm allegedly acted throughout their romantic relationship. Colby asked Troyer if he ever thought Storm was “manipulative.” Troyer responded no.

He also asked Troyer to explain the tendencies of someone who is “dominant” and an “abuser,” and asked Troyer if he believed Colby to fit these (behaviors). Troyer told members of the jury he did believe Colby had a personality disorder.

After testifying on Tuesday, Sgt. Brett Wentz of the Fairbury Police Department was unsure whether or not he recorded any of his interview with Storm on September 22, 2015. Judge Korslund did ask Wentz to return to the station and make sure he didn’t have any recordings. On Wednesday, Wentz was recalled to the stand where jurors did learn that Wentz had recorded his interview with Storm via his camera glasses. Wentz told jurors he no longer used those specific glasses due to their poor battery life and low storage.

Nearly 13 minutes of the video was allowed to be played for jurors. During that sequence, jurors could see Wentz and Storm discussing the alleged strangulation, a protection order and whether or not Storm should file a police report. Storm tells Wentz, “I don’t want to get strangled again. I don’t want to get thrown up against a wall again.”

Jurors were not presented the section of the video where Storm actually files the report.

The jury deliberated for a little over an hour before determining the verdict.

Colby is scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on November 17th at 2 p.m.

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