Forecasts Show Potentially Dangerous Ice Storm Hitting the Area

OMAHA – A potentially dangerous and significant  winter storm system looks to be moving through the state Sunday through Monday.

The Nebraska Weather Network reports that all types of wintry precipitation, including ice, sleet, and snow, are possible. Eastern and southern Nebraska and Northern Kansas will initially see freezing rain and possibly sleet, says NWN.

Sunday daytime and into the evening, snow and sleet are expected to pick up in the western and northern parts of the state, says NWN.

The NWN says the snow will be heavy at times and Sunday night into Monday morning the sleet and snow will begin advancing to the southeast, and freezing rain my continue to be the primary threat to the southeastern part of the state.

The precipitation is expected to quit late Monday afternoon into the evening, according to the NWN.

The real danger comes from the potential for excessive amounts of ice that could accumulate in parts of the state. The NWN says significant amounts of ice could accumulate in amounts over 1/2 an inch thick possible near, south, and east of the Tri-Cities.

Because the storm is still days away from hitting the area, the areas the will see the most significant amounts of ice have yet to be determined, says NWN.


“This kind of icing can break tree limbs and cause power outages. Roads will also become extremely slick,” says the NWN.

Northern and western parts of the state could see larger amounts of snow, meaning some areas will have several inches of snow packed on top of ice, according to the NWN.

It is possible for the storm to shift it’s current track, which would mean changes in which areas will be effected.  Advisories are expected from the National Weather Service as the end the weekend approaches.

As of Noon on Thursday, weather tracks show areas on a line from Lexington and north of Albion and Norfolk getting sleet and snow. Areas south of the line including Boone, Madison, Polk, Nance, Merrick, Platte, Colfax, Stanton, and Dodge counties getting freezing rain, sleet, and snow. South of a line from Hastings and through York, areas including both Omaha and Lincoln look to get a combination o freezing rain, rain, sleet, and snow.

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